Monday, November 16, 2009

New Music Monday: Lil Wayne - Single (Produced By 40 - Drake's Producer)

I Can't Lie, I Haven't Really Had A Chance To Get Into Lil Wayne's Most Recent, Official Mixtape "No Ceilings", Everyone Seems To Love It But These Days I'm Rough On Music Reviews So I'm Gonna Have To Wait Until I Can Hear It Completely Before I Pass Judgement (Like My Opinion Matters). But While I Haven't Had A Chance To Listen To His Latest Complete Mixtape, I Found This Track On Drake's - . Its A New Track From Lil Wayne Produced By Drake's Homie 40, Who Also Produced Most Of Drake's Early Mixtapes (So Far Gone, Room For Improvement, Heartbreak Drake, and Comeback Season). Its Titled "Single" and Its The Lil Wayne I Love (No Homo). I Am Well Aware That I Can't Keep Artist In My Own Little Box, But Some Stuff I Like and Some Stuff I Don't. That Goes For Every Artist Including The Great Lil Wayne. Check Out The Track Below (Click Here or Below To Check It Out) and Let Us Know What You Think. Enjoy and Until We Speak Again PEACE.

Lil Wayne - Single - Produced By 40 (Click Here For Downloadable Link)

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