Friday, January 30, 2009

Just To Get You Through Friday: Funny and Disturbing At The Same Time

Well I have seen numerous home videos of people re-enacting the "All My Single Ladies" video but this by far is the best. When I say the best I don't mean it in the sense of I enjoy watching the video, but the best in terms of it offers everything that a spoof (spin off video) should. It is equally entertaining, disturbing, gross, and it shows this mans talent (which clearly isn't dancing). I should warn you prior to watching, that this guys junk (his privates) is about a second from being exposed, so if you have any young children around you should probably make them go watch cartoons or something. Depending on how much we get done today we have a bunch more to post on the blog, so just stay tuned. Until We Speak Again PEACE

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