Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Smoking and Blogging: Never A Good Combo

Well it is now 12:10AM, just finished repairing the floor for our special visitors (well not really for them, its for yall, but it had to be done before they arrived). Anywho, were all beat, but before we leave I just wanted to hit yall with a couple things. As everyone knows I'm a Sneaker Fiend so of course I got a "Sneaker Woody" when I saw this. Nike is coming with the heat once again in 2009. No dates have been confirmed for any of these beauties but pics are sometimes enough to get us through the day. Check them out, analyze them, and let us know what you think. I will provide more details on each in the AM. You can Thank Us Later.

Tomorrow will be a pretty busy day at Sneak Peek, but we promise we will be blogging each and every day that we are open from now on. We hope to see everyone soon and until we speak again PEACE.

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