Monday, January 19, 2009

New Music Monday: Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have A Dream"

I think its understandable that we have decided do something different on this day by uploading the video of Martin Luther King's " I Have A Dream" Speech from August 28, 1963.

I really can't explain the emotions I get everytime I hear the message but its a remarkable feeling that I wish we all could experience. I am truly touched to see that due to the work Dr. King and so many others put in during that time I am able to go to school, I am able to own a business, I am to look myself in the mirror and see more then what society expects me to be, I am able to VOTE, and so, so many other things. While watching the tribute video to Dr. King at today's Grizzlies game I couldn't help but think that the state of African Americans today would not be strong enough to deal with what was going on then. We don't have what it would have taken to not only uprise against our opressors but to keep going when they didn't give in immediately. I have taken deep interest in Dr. King's teaching, his life, and his legeacy since my teenage years and encourage all to just spend a little time understanding his work, who he really was, and what he was telling us. Sneak Peek, as well as myself are living products of exactly what him and every other person who was apart of any civil rights movements from the end of slavery to now worked for. Perosnally everyone at or involved with Sneak Peek - Memphis would like to say Thank You. Happy 80th Birthday Dr. KIng

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