Wednesday, January 14, 2009

King James In The Building: An Inspiring Message

Lebron James putting it down in Traffic

King James at the Free Throw Line

Well last night I Became A Witness of The Great King James in person. Now I'm well aware that as a visitor the man should have been boooooooooed, but truthfully you can not. Its one thing to see him play on television but in person is a whole different story. Even on a sub-par night he was nothing short of amazing and gave the crowds their monies worth as there was not a sad face in the building, except I'm sure in the Home Locker Room. Getting to the inspiring part. Keeping in mind that I have only been in the city of Memphis for a little over 2 years, I have never seen that many people at a Grizzlies game before, not only that but I have never seen that many people at a Grizzlies game that excited before. And to think all of this over the presence of one man. As I sat back in my seat just thinking about what exactly was going on, I got so inspired. Inspired to do great things, achieve greatness, and be the absolute best at what I am doing. I can somewhat say that the story of Mr. James reminds me of Sneak Peek. He really had a rough start when he entered the league, though everyone was aware that he was gonna be the one of the best there was, so many things had to be improved to his very unpolished, raw, and un-rounded game, but he truly desired to be the best. Looking at Sneak Peek I see the same. We have great potential to not only be the greatest boutique in the city of Memphis, but in the south, in the nation, and in the world. Right now its just potential, our business (in my own opinion) is new, we have no reputation, and we are learning on the job, but we have the desire to be the best and the drive to actually make that reality. Now looking at Mr. James he has it all; the skills, the power, the athletic ability, and the heart. He has gotten to the point where his basketball skills have allowed him to reach into other markets and hopefully master those on his mission to become a billionaire. Everything listed above came on the back of hard work. Sneak Peek and everyone involved works hard at what we do and we deeply desire to master our industry. Look at us now and look and us in a couple years or maybe months and we will be exactly what we set out to be.......................The Greatest. Hopefully we can inspire others to reach for the stars as Mr. James has to us. If he reading this I would like to say Thank You. Until We Speak Again PEACE.

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